Cell On Wheels- Truck (COW)MODEL No.RDV


1. Its own power supply –generator

2. Fuel tank as additional fuel supply

3. Shelter or open air BTS frame for outdoor units

4. Smaller deck space than trailer type


1.No concrete or foundation or ground anchoring required, stable on its own

2. Excellent mobility

3. Fast Deployment – 1hr.

4. Could travel at 120 Km/Hr.

5. Ability to reach destination quickly

6. Could lock at multiple heights.

7. Advertising space on shelter sides.

8. Could be used as disaster recovery unit.

9. Ideal  for road shows, short festivals, sports events etc..

Cell On Wheels - On Heavy Trailer Model No. (COW)

Cell On Wheels - On Heavy Trailer Model No. (COW)


Stability Stable on its own, no ground anchoring or pre-cast concrete cubes required.
Tower Height 40m 30m 25m 15m
Model No. RDV4010 RDV3010 RDV2510 RDV1510
Antennae configuration 2×1.2m mw dishes, 6 GSM Panel antennae

(Other configurations could be designed)

Tower type Lattice type, Fully galvanized and Painted as per customer preference
Standards Quality Management system-ISO 9001-2008

Steel Fabrication—BS5950-1:2000

Hot Dipped Galvenization—BS EN ISO 1461:2009

Material —St 52.3  & St 44.2

Wind Loading—BS8100-4:1995

Strength Assessment: BS 8100-3:1999

Operation Operated by 3 phase winch and limit switches for additional safety. Control panel and pendent switch. Optional hand wheels provided.
Wind speed 120, 160 and 180 km/hr as per the area.
Accessories provided with the tower Antennae brackets for GSM and microwave antennae

Guy wires and tightening clamps, Guide arms with Jacks

Fuel tanks, Sand shoes, Cable reels

Truck Chassis Custom made deck fabricated and installed on the truck chassis. Make and the model of the truck chassis is as per client’s preference or could be provided by the client.
Generator and shelter As required by the client