Rapid deployment Tower with base- (Model No. GRDL)

(Model GRDU) With Platform for the shelter or BTS cabinets.
This model a most suited for fast network expansion or to be installed in areas where excavation is prohibited due to reasons such as security or archaeological reasons.
1. Lattice tower,  2. landing leg  3.Guy arm   4.Tilting Winch  5.Tower opening winch  6.Lock  7.Tilting Frame  8.Tower Support(when travelling) 9. Bracket for GSM panel antennae.
1. Space available for shelter/outdoor BTS, generator and fuel tank.
2. Deployment by winch.
3. Could be transported by a truck.
4. Could be handled by a boom truck or Hiab (unloading from truck only)
5. Deployment within one day.
6. An axle and a tow bar could be fitted to convert into a COW if needed.

A telescopic tower unit with a space for a shelter and fuel tank

Stability Precast concrete cubes are needed for stability.Or generator and the shelter with equipment are to be fitted
permanently on the tower platform.
Tower Height 20m               30m             40m             50m               60m
Model No. GRDH2012      GRDH3012   GRDH4012    GRDH5012      GRDH6012
Antennae configuration 2×1.2m mw dishes6 GSM Panel antennae


Tower type Lattice typeFully galvanizedPainted as per customer preference 
Standards Quality Management system-ISO 9001-2008Steel Fabrication—BS5950-1:2000

Hot Dipped Galvenization—BS EN ISO 1461:2009

Material —St 52.3  & St 44.2

Wind Loading—BS8100-4:1995

Strength Assessment: BS 8100-3:1999


Operation Operated by 3 phase winch and limit switches for additional safety. Control panel and pendent switch.Optional hand wheels provided for 40m or smaller towers. 
Wind speed 120, 160 or 180 km/hr to suit the area.
Accessories provided with the tower Antennae brackets for GSM and microwave antennae, Guy wires and lightening arrester clamps, Guide arms with JacksAdditional fuel storage, capacity from 200 ltrs to 2000 ltrs.


Base 6MX2.3M platform on 2 Pairs of landing Legs 
With Platform for the shelter or BTS cabinets